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Gaijin Houses - Kyoto Gaijin Houses
Written by Administrator   

Kyoto House Gaijin House Japan Kyoto House 1

"Excellent location! Close to most of the action in town, its all a bike ride away. Shopping, famous attractions, clubs, restaurants, Budo center, handicraft center, club and bar area, Gion. All within bike riding distance or a bus ride."


Guest House Details:


  • Near Kyoto University ,1 min by bike or 3 min on foot. South of Kyodai Seimon-mae(Ichi-jo).  Kyoto station JR, is reached by bus (15-20min) or bike ride 30 min by riding along the kamo river.

Duration of Stay:Gaijin House Japan Kyoto House 1

  • No long term contract,month to month/weekly/daily rentals. 30 days notice to vacate, (for monthly renters). Weekly and nightly renters pre-pay.

Room Types:

  • Room 1: 4.5 tatami + closet + storage. 2nd fl. private room, club and bar area, Gion. All within bike riding distance or a bus ride.
  • Room 2: 5.5+ tatami room, master bedroom


  • Room 1: 59,000 yen per month
  • Room 2: 58,000 yen per month
  • Rates for more than one person for either room: inquire. Discount for contract length of 6 months+ is 7%


  • 10,000 yen refundable

Utilities:Gaijin House Japan Kyoto House 1

  • Utilities included

Furnishings, and Appliances in Room:

  • Room 1: Fan, futons, heater, center table, large Japanese style dresser, very bright, balcony with nice view of entire city! With LAN cable for fiber optic internet and lock on door.
  • Room 2: Futons, a lot of storage area, Air Conditioning, classics sliding washi panels, view of Kyoto from the room. Widow ledge area with direct view of Kyoto,(size of 1 tatami+) desk/leather chairs, LAN cable, lock on door. Note that there is some furniture stored in the corner of the room covered up in white sheets, bringing the size of the room to 5.5jo.drawers but no hanging closet.

Shared Facilities:

  • Washing machine, large new fridge, bath/shower, heater, futons, kitchen equipment, plenty of storage. Bike parking  [Buses: #206, 201/ 17, 102, 201, 203 at higashioji/Konoe-dori].


  • English, Japanese


  • Shimano Mountain bike rental; 400Y/day or 1500/week. Cell phone rental[PHS] daily500Y+calls / weekly 2300+calls (10,000 refundable deposit90cc scooter rental a possibility also. 3000/day, 15,000/week. Office center: Photocopies: 20Y/page. FAX, 100Y/page outgoing, 50Y incoming(domestic) , International: 30-50Y¥/min outgoing. Calls to North/South America: 20Y/min. Incoming calls 10Y/min. Other countries inquire.  Scanner: 100Y/page. Printer: 25Y/page Black and white; 45Y for color.

Kyoto House Homepage




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#4 RE: Kyoto Houseblackiechan 2011-08-10 16:11
If you could let me know as soon as possible. Thanks :D
#3 RE: Kyoto Houseblackiechan 2011-08-10 15:48
How do i get in contact with the owner? im interested in staying here and want to contact them??????
#2 Nightly rates?Daisy Slade 2010-02-23 14:29

Can you please tell me how much the nightly rates are for myself and my partner to share a Room 1 type?

#1 ripoff ?Haha 2009-08-28 13:17
Dont know about the place but you can photocopy at any conveni for 10Yen and print at 7/11 for 10Yen.

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