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Gaijin Houses - Chiba Gaijin Houses
Written by Administrator   

East Ninja HouseGaijin House Japan East Ninja House Chiba

"music,art,nature lovers are welcome. We East Ninja House family is renovating a traditional Japanese inn (Ryokan) to mike it better,funky and family like atmosphere like home stay family. No key money,No agency fee,only 10,000yen security deposit deposit. minimum stay is from one month. you can enjoy BBQ, hammock and watching movies under stars. We enjoying outdoor sports as well as creating art work. join us to have the best shared life in Japan."

Guest House Details:


  • 13mins walk from Nishi-funabashi staion (JR Sobu line、Musashino Line、Tozai line)

Duration of Stay:Gaijin House Japan East Ninja House Chiba

  • Minimum stay is one month

Room Types:

  • 4.5 to 12 mat rooms


  • 45,000 - 59,000 yen/month


  • 15,000 yen security deposit

Utilities:Gaijin House Japan East Ninja House Chiba

  • **unknown** If you have stayed at this guest house please comment

Furnishings, and Appliances in Room:

  • A/C, fridge, futon、Internet

Shared Facilities:

  • washer/dryer, kitchen, hammock, punching ball


  • English, Japanese


  • **unknown** If you have stayed at this guest house please comment

East Ninja House HomepageGaijin House Japan East Ninja House Chiba

Tel: 047-302-7237 (Inside Japan)
Tel: +81-47-302-7237(overseas)


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#8 RE: East Ninja Housesambo 2012-09-10 07:21
Hello, my beloved,(favors )
I want to be your friend (I mean very serious ones), please contact me through (), so I can send you some of my pictures and details. I'm waiting for you, my name is favor
#7 Kakko iiChuck Mazzeo 2009-11-03 05:34
Greetings from Tucson,AZ,USA. I'm a professional drummer and I will be moving to Nihon next year.I hope to stay at your mecha kakko ii guest house until I find an apartment to rent.I think your concept is unique and subarashii!Sono toki wa yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

#6 sharing roomskal 2009-08-06 02:27
if you bring a friend can you both share a room without the rent increasing or will it still increase?
also would you be able to store any valuable's like cameras jewelery, Ect...or can we leave them in the rooms and booking is in possible to even book like a year a head or no, please and thank you
#5 roz 2009-02-15 10:18

I'm currently looking for somewhere to live in the tokyo area, originally i was thinking about finding someplace very central but am attracted to the friendly homely look of your ninja house!

could you tell me how many rooms there are, and how long it takes to get into central tokyo ?(shibuya/shinjuku)

and are there still vacant rooms? i will be moving on or around the 20th of march

thank you!
#4 You betJason 2008-08-07 01:21
Actually almost all houses in Japan have those sliding doors. In fact as I write this comment I am sitting at my Kotatsu ( a low table which heats from underneath for the winter) in my tatami room, windows and doors are all sliding. They are called shoji in Japanese. In fact even new houses have a Japanese style room.

The rent will increase usually 20,000 to 30,000 yen depending on the place for an extra person.

Not all guest houses will have these Japanese style rooms though so please ask around. And don't for get to mention you found them here haha.

Feel free to ask me anything else cheers
#3 Stephanie 2008-08-07 00:50
Thanks a ton! =) My friend really wants to find one those older style houses with the sliding doors. Do they even have those anymore? Oh and with the friend is it the friend has to pay the same amount as you also? Or does your rent just increase?
#2 SecurityJason 2008-08-06 00:41
Hey I am originally from Ontario myself.

To answer your questions.

In general if you are staying for 1 month a guest house room or an apartment will be sufficient. Guest houses come in variety of styles, some are small houses which rent out each of the rooms while others are large apartment style complexes which have a lot of rooms. Either way the rooms are very similar usually futon, bed or bunk beds. Unlike western rentals and hotels in Japan the increases depending on the number of persons. So if the room is 50,000 yen expect to pay more if you share it with your friend. (I once paid 50,000 yen for a guest house room my friend came to stay with me for 1 month the rent during that month was increased to 70,000 yen) The rooms usually included internet, TV, a small fridge, and a desk or drawer. It is more than enough for a short stay. All other things will be shared kitchen, bathroom etc.

Security: All individual rooms have key locks so you can lock your room even while heading to the kitchen etc.

Again every house is different the newer once usually offer security doors to the outside, while older ones may not have this feature.

Japan is a very safe country in fact that is the only reason I will never return to Canada. So security I don't think is a big issue when searching for a guest house.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Remember to contact the individual guest houses for specific information about each one.
#1 Stephanie 2008-08-05 20:57
Hey, me and my friend live in Ontario, Canada and we were thinking of traveling to Japan for a month and staying in some kind of apartment. Is a guest house like a condo/apartment/flat? What kinds of security are offered at these 'guest houses'?

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